About Us

Comfort Maple Aging Innovations Inc. (CMAI) is a Canada based company. Our goal is to introduce and promote well developed Canadian senior care systems, technologies and innovations to China. Our team consists of senior care experts, practitioners, designers, and policy advocators. We are also partners of the China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Services (CASWSS), the leading of senior care provider in China. Together, we envision a collaboration that will foster healthy, independent and dignified living in the Chinese senior community, where people can live their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission

Senior care has been a Canadian tradition even before Canada became a country, and taking care of seniors has been a crucial part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. Our mission is bridge the two cultures together to mould a modern people-centric senior living environment in both countries.

Our Edge

With wide connections in Canadian and Chinese senior care society, and trusted partnerships with industry experts, practitioners, academics and technologists, we are not only able to provide traditional services, such as senior home design and management, but also offer innovative technologies and inspiring new ideas and services. All resources are integrated into tailor made programs to help our clients become the leaders in their own sector.

Our Focus

- Senior Home Design: Provide thoughtful senior-centric function design with appreciation of rich cultural elements.

- Senior Home management: Create a happier aging experience for all seniors regardless of health conditions.

- Home care management using technology to ensure safe and appropriate senior care at home at a lower cost, so that the younger generation can have a peace of mind even when they are occupied with their own lives.

- Innovation application in senior care business: Apply new technologies in senior care, such as smart devices that can ensure appropriate consumption of daily medication, or virtual reality for picking up an old hobby.

- Consulting Service for standardization and regulation: Having difficulty developing management standards for senior homes or implementing rules and policies in senior care? Canada is a world leader in seniors' care and we can introduce you to those best practices.